Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Arsenal vs Olympiacos - laporan tepi padang 30/09/09

champion league second group match. arsenal is at home for this game.

barisan pemain arsenal.

senderos also back in the team as the substitute. he played his 1st arsenal game in the carling cup match with west brom after spending time in milan for a seasons long loan spell.

mannone keep his place in the starting line after a fine display which earn him the man of the match in the game against fulham in the weekend.

the 1st half ended with a 0 - 0 score line where arsenal made a hand full of scoring chances with febregas hitting the post and had a shot block by the veteran nikopolidis.

rosicky looked like he has found his touches after a long lay off with injury. he is lively as ever.

nikopolidis continue to produce a fine display of shot stopping in the 2nd half, however he was finally broke by r.v.persie after he received a past from the substitute eduardo.

3 point was in the bag when arshavin score the 2nd goal with a cheeky back heel from a febregas past.

full time score: arsenal won by 2 - 0.

scorer: r.v.persie. he got the standing ovation from the home fan when he was replaced by ramsey. 2nd goal by arshavin.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fulham vs Arsenal - laporan tepi padang 27/09/09

gambaran graven cottage yang di laporkan full house (london derby).

barisan pemain arsenal.

arshavin starts after missing a couple of game through injury.

man of the match for me is mannone, our 3rd choice goalkeeper. he safe twice from fulham in the 1st half and twice in the 2nd half. superb performance by the young italian.

a great looping pass from febregas + with a superb first touch and sum up with a great goal from r.v.persie.

full time score: arsenal 1 - 0

scorer: r.v.persie

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arsenal vs West Brom - laporan tepi padang 23/09/09

Carling League Cup starts for the gunners. mid week game against the baggies.

barisan pemain arsenal.

match nie pon x di tayangkan oleh astro so laporan nie di buat berdasarkan ape yang tertulis di

as usual arsenal uses their youngster to start in the first team against full first team of west brom. the average age is 20 years old.

only silvestre and senderos who have the experience as the regular first team player apart from gibbs, ramsey and wilshere.

one for the future - wilshere.

arsenal 4th goal keeper at the age of 19 make his first debut to the first team in this game. szczesny.

szczesny made some spectacular saves from the baggies attacks.

vela make an impact coming from the bench by producing a shot which lead to a goal from watt (another debutan) and score a goal in the game.

full time score: arsenal menang 2 - 0.

scorer: watt and vela.

photo taken from


vela and watt.

senderos in his return to arsenal after spending a season long loan to ac milan.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arsenal vs Wigan - laporan tepi padang 22/09/09

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf lahir dan batin...

laporan kali ni pon agak lewat kerana game arsenal berlansung pada raya eve.. tiada internet connection di umah mak mentua aku.. haha..

perlawanan berlansung pada 19/09/09.

barisan pemain arsenal.

before that start of the game, it is expected that we are going to win this game. infect, we need to win this game. don't tell me that we are losing 3 game in a row.

this game produce a new hero for the gunners. our summer signing vermaelen has been rock solid combining with gallas at the back and in this particular game, he display another side of him other than defending which is scoring. he score 2 goal that ultimately help arsenal to win by 4-0.

full time score: arsenal dominated the game and winning by 4 -0.

vermaelen first goal was from a set piece (corner) and his second was a goal which every sticker would appreciate, he bought the ball towards the opposition penalty box, tread passed with eboue and he fire a thunderest shot pass kirkland.

scorer: vermaelen (x2), eboue and febregas.

eboue score from eduardo shot which he deflected in the back of the net.

vermaelen is our current top goal scorer so far in the premier league.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Standard Liege vs Arsenal - laporan tepi padang 18/09/09

sorry for the late post.

perlawanan nie x di tayangkan live oleh astro so i'm unable to produce the laporan pada 16/09/09. perlawanan berlansung di maurice dufrasne stadium.

anyway, nie dia arsenal nyer line up utk game tue.

perlawanan nie merupakan perlawanan pembukaan bagi group h champion league 2009.

alamunia, r.v.p, denilson and arshavin all injured for this game.

eduardo diturunkan selepas appeal keatas pengantungan 2 game dia di lucutkan. dia kan diving semase game ngan celtic itu ari.

mannone pula diturunkan hanya buat kali ke dua utk arsenal dan penampilan ke enam baginya sebagai profesional.

full time score: arsenal menang 3-2, come back dari 2 gol kosong pada awal minit ke lima perlawanan.

scorer: liege, mangala and jovanovic (pen) manakala arsenal nyer gol oleh bendtner, vermaelen dan eduardo.

di beritakan, gol kedua arsenal yg dijaringkan oleh vermaelen tidak sah. alex song berada di dlm posisi off side dan mengunakan tangan menghantar bola kepada vermaelen. but lady luck is smiling on us, referee membenarkan gol tu utk stand.

score pakai lutut.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Man City vs Arsenal - laporan tepi padang 12/09/09

gambaran city of manchester stadium di eastlands yg dilaporkan full to its capacity utk game nie.

arshavin injurd utk game nie, semasa mewakili russia utk kelayakan piala dunia. rosicky kembali di bangku simpanan setelah bermain utk czech republic pada tgh minggu lepas.

fakta: gallas dilucutkan dari captaincy selepas menentang city season lepas. dengan serta merta, febregas dilantik sebagai captain sehingga sekarang.

barisan pemain arsenal dengan formation 4-3-3.

kali pertama dua bekas pemain arsenal (toure - captain man city dan adebayour) menentang kelab yg membawa mereka dari luar ke pentas english premier league. toure di beli dengan harga £ 150,000 dan di jual pada harga £ 16 million manakala adebayor di beli dari monaco dengan harga £ 3 million dan di jual pada harga £ 25 million.

money worth spend. credit goes to the professor (wenger). spot a talent from nobody to somebody.

toure semasa di arsenal bertelingkah dengan gallas (season 2008/09) manakala adebayor pula pernah ader issue dengan bendtner. ader baik nyer jugak dua org nie kuar dari arsenal. "distructive influence".

no 5 yg ditinggalkan toure kini di pakai oleh vermaelen.

separuh masa yg menghampakan. man city berjaya mendahului dengan 1 gol. game di mana arsenal control all the possession (but possession dont win game) tapi city score dari set piece. damn it!!

socond half, wenger menbuat tactical changes dengan memasukan rosicky mengantikan denilson di minit ke 50.

rosicky kembali setelah 16 bulan lay off, injurd and what a thru ball from rosicky to setup r.v.persie to level the score with his weaker right foot. game on..

panalty claim (barry hand ball) was not given. it should turn the game if the official had seen that.

full time score: arsenal kalah di manchester again dengan 2 - 4.


scorer: v.persie, rosicky, alamunia on goal (richard header), bellamy, adebayor and w.phillips for man city.