Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fulham vs Arsenal - laporan tepi padang 27/09/09

gambaran graven cottage yang di laporkan full house (london derby).

barisan pemain arsenal.

arshavin starts after missing a couple of game through injury.

man of the match for me is mannone, our 3rd choice goalkeeper. he safe twice from fulham in the 1st half and twice in the 2nd half. superb performance by the young italian.

a great looping pass from febregas + with a superb first touch and sum up with a great goal from r.v.persie.

full time score: arsenal 1 - 0

scorer: r.v.persie


  1. I had Arsenal away membership when I lived in the UK (99-01).

    Happy Weekend,


  2. I wish a had a privileged to see arsenal play and suck in the atmostphere my self..

    Happy Weekend to you too..