Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arsenal vs Wolverhampton - laporan tepi padang 03/04/10

barisan pemain:

this is a must win for arsenal. coming into the game with chelsea already secure a win at old trafford.

with so many injury to the squad and coming form a mid week game against one of the best team in the world (barcelona), arsenal have a disadvantage as wolverhampton got a full week rest before this game.

walcott starts but unfortunately he does not bring his 'a' game as he displayed against barca.

eduardo also another disappointed starting in place of bendtner.

full time score: arsenal won by 1 - 0

this is the 13th time this season that arsenal have score in the final minutes of the game. this is the most important as chelsea has already won against utd which will left us with 5 point behind if we were to draw this game.

scorer: bendtner

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