Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It’s my turn to bid farewell to you guys in DC especially to those in P1 TS dept. I’ve been working with DC since 2008 and I have met so many wonderful people since. I have been given the opportunity to become a team leader by Mr. Michael Price & Joshua Danaraj who trusted in my ability to manage this project even with limited experience in management skills back then. I believe that some of you here might get the same opportunity as I did if you guys have the believe & trust your own ability to take the step forwards on your careers. You could learn things here..

Just taking the opportunity to mention my X-Logitech colleague who was transferred to P1:

1. Marian
2. Calvin
3. Stephen
4. Abg Khalid
5. Shikin (Cikinto)
6. BIG Chew

You guys was awesome!! Logitech project was awesome!!

And to my current team member: Rizalman, Nasnazai, Soleha, Abg Zuhary, Rokhimi, Mahen, Shahril, Yoges, Tan CW, Noben, Jayaseelan & Azwan – Thanks for being the best of team member that one could have wish for. I hope that I did manage to assist you guys in one way or the other during my time as your TL.

Anslem, Cynthia & Fabian – it’s now up to you guys to ensure that P1-TS dept. moves in the right direction according to the demand/requirement set by P1 & by the bosses here..

Jeff & Nieukey, make sure everyone is well trained.. you guys were the source of knowledge here..

Jasber & Stephen, keep it up with all the monitoring.. don’t be too hard with all the dude & dudess here..

To the rest of P1-TS crew, stay CEKAP guys.. If the opportunity arises for you, grab it..

Fareez, Airisah, Syarifudin, Hashimi, Syahir, Mariana, Faizs, Zubir, Faizal, Ben, Abg Hasbin, Firdaus Nasir, Ain', Firdaus Hussain & Sulaiman.. it was nice to know you guys..

Not forgetting Rafizan, Chai & Jason..
Our very own DSC – Umar, Hatta & Raymond..
TUNE – K.Pah..

If I do miss some of your name maybe because I did not have the opportunity to work with you guys but nevertheless I hope everything is going well for you..

To those on the other side (CS) – Azlan, Dayat, Aslam, Deng, Grubaran it was nice knowing you guys..


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you guys a prosperous Ramadhan ahead & Salam Aidilfitri to everyone..


The world have evolve tremendously nowadays.. There are so many ways to get connected even when you no longer works in the same buildings.. I’m just a click away..

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Syahrizal Badrulzaman (X-DC 2011)

Signing Off.. Rock on dude & dudess!!

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